Beauty Tips — How to Lose Weight in Your Face!

Lip pull

When people talk about yoga facial exercises, the lip pull is the first one on the list. People practice it regularly. If performed consistently, this exercise will ensure you look more youthful. You can do this in a standing or sitting position. Hold your head in the normal position and lift your lower lip as much as possible. Do that by pushing the lower jaw out. You will feel a stretch in the chin muscles and the jaw line. Hold the position for few seconds, and then relax.

A few years ago, the fish face was one of the most popular selfie trends. Honestly, I hated it. But there is no denying that the fish face works your facial muscles. The best part is that you can do this exercise while watching TV or listening to music. Suck in your cheeks and lips and then try smiling. Hold the position for five seconds, and you will definitely feel your cheeks and jaws working out.

Jaw release

This is the exercise to get those high cheekbones we talked about at the beginning. It stretches the muscles around the lips, cheeks, and jaws. Sit or stand with your back straight and move your jaw like you’re chewing something, keeping your lips closed and breathing in and out. While breathing out, hum. Now, open your mouth and press your tongue on the bottom teeth. Hold for five seconds, and breathe in and out again. That’s one repetition. Repeat 10 times.


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