Beauty Tips — How to Lose Weight in Your Face!

Do you need to lose weight in your face?

I know what you’re thinking. First I’m telling you that you need to lose weight, and now I’m asking you to answer the question yourself. But the important point here is that not each and every one of you needs to lose weight in your face. Some are born with great genes and some have their work cut out for them.

But before we discuss how to lose weight in your face, let’s ask ourselves: do I really need to lose weight in my face? Look yourself in the mirror and consider the following questions.

  1. Do you feel your face isn’t slim?
  2. Do your family members have the same facial proportions as you?
  3. Ask your friends if they think your face is chubby.
  4. Is your face “puffy” or fat? Unlike fat, puffiness is caused by poor nutrition like salty foods and lack of sleep.

That being said, facial exercises are just as important as physical exercises. There are more than 50 muscles in the face, and they need to be exercised. Here are some exercises you can do.


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